Friday , May 29th 2020
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Which Blender is the best?

Over the last few years, people have become increasingly health conscious and this trend saw an increase in small kitchen appliances such as blenders, grills and slow cookers.

Brands such as Nutri Ninja took the market by storm with their products. The Nutri Bullet was very popular and everyone was buying it. However, now the market is more competitive than ever and it isn’t easy to chose which blender to chose because the range is vast.

To help you make that decision, i have listed some key points below which you should bare in mind before you buy a new blender.

  1. Quality – In my opinion, the brand name, though reassuring, doesn’t always mean that you are getting best value for your money. Make sure that the item doesn’t look flimsy and the mixing jug are clear to see through.
  2. Functionality – It is extremely important to ensure that you buy the right item for the job at hand. Blenders come with different levels of available functions. If you intend to make smoothies only with the blender, then there is no point in buying an item with too many functions. Just a simple Pulse and Blend function with a timer will do the trick.
  3. RPM – Since blenders work by rotating blades, their efficiency and performance is measured in Rotations per minute (RPM). I would recommend that you chose a blender in the medium range of RPM because if the RPM is too high, it will make the entire kitchen vibrate and if it is too low, then efficiency may be adversely affected.