Tuesday , May 26th 2020
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The Marc Negroni

One of the happiest days I’ve invested in my life was the one when I landed at the train terminal in Beaune, jumped in a car with a complete stranger, that took me to a burial ground out in the middle of nowhere. I found myself dealing with a large copper device gushing vapor airborne, bordered by bins of what looked like the derelicts of a farming experiment gone incorrect, and a person behind everything, using a red knit beanie as well as a fleece vest, to ward away the cold.

I did an Instagram video Story concerning it here. But I keep in mind the day strongly. That was Mat Sabbagh behind the still, proprietor of Alambic Bourguignon. I was in the region researching in Dijon for Drinking French as well as while drinking a mustard-flavored alcoholic drink at Monsieur Moutarde, a local bartender I was having a beverage with, prompted me to go to Beaune to see Mat at the office.

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