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Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender

The Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 is a small budget plan mixer that helpfully includes 2 added cups and blades for slicing as well as grinding ingredients.

While it battled with crushing ice, it efficiently blended fruit and also veg into soups as well as smoothies, as well as pureed onion and also refined nuts right into butter.

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender– What you require to understand

  • Mixing healthy smoothies– The mixer was a little bit unsteady, yet successfully integrated fresh chopped mango, icy pineapple cubes, coconut milk as well as seeds right into a thick fluid combination. For a second healthy smoothie, ice, cacao nibs as well as cashews were smashed and cacao and protein powders uniformly dispersed
  • Squashing ice– Eight medium-sized ice dices were unevenly smashed, with slush near the bottom and much larger items on top, in spite of 1 minute of pulsing.
  • Pureeing soup– Briefly steamed cauliflower and leek were blended with stock and soft beans right into a fluffy and also smooth combination in 45 secs.

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender style– A budget plan look yet it has some really useful attributes

Although the Blendeo might seem a bit plasticky as well as small– additional emphasised by its glossy white surface– it’s a reliable little blender with a variety of points going for it.

The jug below is very light as well as attached to the not-much-heavier base with a simple yet protected twist. Helpfully, the base has two rubber feet as well as two suction pads, implying it can attach itself to the worktop to avoid moving around when blending. This blender did get a bit unsteady at times, but the suction mugs kept it securely in location.

The lid includes a clear measuring mug, with 50ml and also 1.5 oz dimensions. The jug itself rises to 1250ml in 250ml increments on one side, and to 40oz in 8oz increments on the other.

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender measuring cup
There’s a convenient measuring cup in the cover

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender controls
There are only 2 speed settings and also a pulse function, making this mixer really easy to use

. For choosing a speed, the knob needs to be turned to the right; for pulse, spin it to the left. It’s also reasonably very easy to hold the handle down for pulsing, indicating it does not come to be too tedious. There are 2 speed settings as well as a pulse control only Along with

the main container system and its blades, this mixer includes 2 additional sets of blades as well as two little transparent plastic mugs. The slicing blades are affixed to a green base and also are ideal for little quantities of natural herbs, garlic, onion, meat as well as dried out bread. The grinding blades on a red base are suitable for nuts and coffee beans, although for the last you run the risk of shedding the coffee; an appropriate burr mill makes even more sense. For making use of these devices, the picture-focused however simple guidebook suggests quantities, times as well as rates. The recommended amounts appear a little reduced, also taking into consideration the tiny cup dimensions. I doubled the amounts on a couple of events with no effect on high quality. There’s a smaller sized mill accessory in package Helpfully, the container, the cover, the measuring cup and also the smaller device mugs are all dishwasher-safe. Nonetheless, all the blades require to be cleaned by hand. The major container’s blades can

be gotten rid of easily, by turning the base. When cleaning, be mindful of the rubber seals offered with each collection of blades, given that these are vital to stop leak. Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender efficiency– Struggles with hard active ingredients however does well with drinks I started by mixing chopped mango, icy pineapple dices, coconut milk as well as some seeds. It took about 30 secs

for the blend to primarily collaborate, yet some honey I ‘d utilized as a sweetener stayed stuck on the sides of the container

, triggering a more 30 seconds of blending. I began with establishing 1, moving to setting 2 right after for the rest of the blending. , ifinished with two pulses.. While the blender became a little shaky throughout this process, the suction pads maintained it firmly in position. The resulting combination was drinkable but thick, as well as happily smooth with all the seeds squashed. Smoothies appeared well mixed without any kind of larger portions staying Next, I tried a more difficult shake with water, frozen strawberries, cacao and healthy protein powders, avocado, banana, cacao nibs and cashews. The mixer took care of to

lose all trace of the cashews as well as cacao nibs, performing much better than the Morphy Richards 403010 Total

Control Blender on that particular front. Even more difficult smoothie mixes came out well The Blendeo had a hard time when it came to squashing ice. After 55 seconds of pulsing, all-time low of the container looked a slushy mess, while larger ice dices stayed ahead. By the time I managed to get the larger little bits crushed, the smaller sized ones had actually become water.

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender ice
Crushed ice isn’t this device’s forte I then set my sights on making an icy dessert.

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender frozen desert
I pulsed and afterwards blended 8 tiny ice cubes, some syrup and also 2

handfuls of icy strawberries. Despite a little water and also extra pulsing time, I had not been able to stay clear of an irregular structure with periodic chunks of ice. Unable to crush ice, frozen deserts are uneven To make soup, I blended briefly steamed cauliflower, leek and also soft beans with some supply as well as milk. As the hands-on recommends not to mix anything over 80 ° C, I awaited the combination to cool to around 70 ° C. After 45 secs of mixing on rates 1 and 2, the resulting blend was cosy and also smooth. Our soup was tasty and smooth Next, I made use of the grinder device to make some nut butter

. Blending 40g salted roasted cashews for 30 seconds on speed 2 produced some wonderful, if a little dry, cashew butter. I likewise attempted refining a larger amount– 90g– of crushed baked nuts and also had similar cause the exact same amount of time.

The nut butter was a little on the completely dry side, yet still yummy Lastly, I made use of the chopper device with some
onion. Starting with a quarter of an onion– about 30g, as suggested in the guidebook– I pulsed it 15 times. The outcome was slightly uneven, with some larger little bits and some almost pureed. I included another quarter of an onion, and pulsed a little longer, completing with a relatively smooth onion paste. Chopped onions? Even more a smooth paste Should you get the Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender? If you’re on a spending plan and trying to find a little multi-functional blender, the Tefal Blendeo can cover mixing, slicing as well as grinding– however the latter two only for smaller

amounts. If you don’t need the selection then the Morphy Richards 403010 Total Control Blender with its glass container might show a stronger option. The Morphy Richards mixer had problems with ice, as well– so if you’re looking to crush ice or make ice-blended drinks frequently, you may be much better off with a more powerful maker. The blog post Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender showed up first on Trusted Reviews.

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