Tuesday , May 26th 2020
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Note: Join me today on my IG Apéro Hour at 6pm CET, Noon ET, and 9am PT while I mix up this Swampwater alcoholic drink. To view, go to my Instagram profile during that time and click my account photo when there is a red circle it, which means I am online. You can also view it in replay on my IGTV network. More information about how to listen and watch online, in addition to in replay, below.

Several of one of the most enjoyable I had writing Drinking French was considering classic ads for French spirits and apéritifs. I decreased a great deal of bunny openings as one led me to an additional, after that one more, and after that one more. On particularly imaginative ad was for Suze, which showed a gentian origin (the main active ingredient in the apéritif) playing the bottle opener like a guitar. Whatever mind generated that a person was fantastic.

When I had Tim Master on my IG Live, speaking about Chartreuse, one drink he mentioned making was the Swampwater. I was a little young when some of the following ads appeared, yet I slightly bear in mind the name, Swampwater.

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