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Sage Smart Grill Pro Review

Pricey however accurate, this big barbecue grill has wise settings that will delight meat-lovers

Sage Smart Grill Pro

What is the Sage Smart Grill Pro? The Sage Smart Grill Pro looks like a George Foreman grill or a Panini press. It is, actually, a barbecue grill for the significant foodie, which cooks food with scientific accuracy thanks to its indispensable temperature level probe.

Tell the Sage what you’re cooking and stick in the probe. In return the grill will certainly give you precise directions on when to remove your food products, while additionally permitting relaxing times to guarantee your supper isn’t overcooked. The grill opens a full 180 degrees, too, for usage as an electrical barbecue– the perfect back up for British summers.

Sage Smart Grill Pro– Design and Features

The Sage is rather large: like a George Foreman grill or a Panini press, yet considerably larger. So we visualize a lot of people’s initial ideas will worry where to store it.

It also has a cleaned stainless-steel coating, which is a magnet for fingerprints even before you start preparing with it.

Other than that, though, the industrial design is remarkable. On the bottom of the Smart Grill Pro there’s area to stow the cable television when the grill’s not being used, as well as on its right-hand side there’s an area to loophole the cable for the temperature probe. There’s additionally a large drip tray under it.

The grill has a number of distinct features. The initial is 5 clever cooking modes for beef, lamb, fowl, pork as well as fish. After selecting the mode you want, you then transform the handle to tell it exactly how well done you would certainly like your food. The second attribute of note is the grill’s temperature level probe, which plugs in on the right-hand side. Together, these functions enable you to tell the Sage what you’re cooking, and in return it will notify you when your food is ready.

Using different height as well as angle modifications, the Sage Smart Grill Pro can suit a variety of different foods items. Furthermore, it opens out a full 180 degrees for usage as an electrical barbecue. Of both grill plates, one is flat and the various other jagged, and also the placement of both– top or bottom– is compatible.

Sage Smart Grill Pro– What’s it like to make use of?

We started food preparation a lamb steak, medium-rare. The grill established itself to 225 ° C and also we placed the probe into the steak. It was challenging to make sure that the rubber end of the probe and the wires didn’t touch the grill plates. It took much less than 2 mins to prepare; then, as instructed, we got rid of the steak and gave it 3 minutes to remainder. While completion result definitely looked all set to eat, it remained in truth unusual. Popping it back on momentarily, however, resulted in a steak that tasted tasty.

This experience was repeated throughout our cooking on the Sage. Its medium pork hamburger was medium-rare in our point of view. This was of specific worry about the “tool” poultry– it just really did not look safe to eat without popping it back on for a second go. The chicken setting rightly supplies only medium or well done setups, but in our experience the hen was neither.

That stated, once we ‘d figured out which modes worked best for our choice, the results tasted wonderful as well as were very consistent.

The Sage Smart Grill Pro taken on veggie kebabs well too: they were cooked uniformly and promptly. For such items you merely disconnect the temperature probe, which turns off the smart modes, leaving you with a basic grill that functions well.

Cleaning up the food preparation plates was a wind: they stand out off conveniently and also have a good-quality, non-stick coating. However, as currently mentioned, the home appliance itself attracts greasy fingerprints and the controls are placed where they’re conveniently splashed with cooking fat.

Should I get the Sage Smart Grill Pro?

For meat-lovers, the Sage Smart Grill Pro does an excellent work of food preparation items quickly and exactly, providing tasty outcomes. As a device it isn’t widely functional– as a Panini press it’s complete overkill. It’s likewise pretty significant, in addition to costly.

If you’re a foodie, we ‘d suggest the Cobb Premier bbq– and also if you’re a food lover for whom money is no object then the Big Green Egg MiniMax is an even better choice. And if you’re merely after a great, techie barbeque after that you must consider the fan-assisted Lotus Grill.


The Sage Grill Pro’s smart setups will thrill meat-lovers, however its dimension and also cost matter versus it.

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