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Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker

Pictures and also Hands On: We have a play with Jamie Oliver’s new all-in-one food preparation pot.

Phlips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker
SAMSUNG CSC Philips wowed the crowds at IFA 2012 at the launch of its most current residence food preparation home appliances, as it rolled out the ever effervescent Jamie Oliver with whom the items had been created. The flagship of the range is the new HomeCooker, which is an automatic all-in-one cooking system. We got hands on to see what it’s everything about.

Styled like a traditional mixer, it includes a large steel pot that’s warmed from below to prepare your food. In its centre is an elevated hole on which rests the stirring tool, which slowly transforms, stopping your food from burning as well as maintaining whatever blended. The stainless steel pot is removable for easy cleansing, once more just like a mixer.

Controls are beautiful easy with a basic LCD present on the base showing cooking time and also temperature. Just touch the temperature as well as timer controls and away it goes. It certainly appeared quite easy.

It includes 4 primary attachments/accessories; a cover, a steamer tray, a pasta/rice insert, and a chopping tower. The last is a miniature variation of a food processor that’s made use of to promptly chop up or grate active ingredients, yet it’s specifically made to do so directly into the Home Cooker. It’s modular so it can stand at the exact same elevation as the different stacked devices of the actual stove.

It all seems robustly and also exactly constructed as well as stealthily very easy to use– it’s not everything about trying to do everything for you yet rather do a few crucial functions well. Jamie Oliver made the factor that as he’s a chef he has little use for the HomeCooker day to day, however that it is a fantastic device for swiftly knocking up sauces, risotto as well as other careless dishes that take a while to prepare and also need routine stirring. With the HomeCooker you can establish it and also neglect it.

The other key to the HomeCooker is that it can do not just low temperature slow-moving cooking but high-temp (250C) fast cooking too, so if you desire you can do all stages of the coking process with the one tool.

The remainder of the Jamie Oliver Philips array

The entire point is dishwashing machine risk-free as well as will certainly be striking shops in September for $250.

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