Friday , June 5th 2020
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Pasta Bolognese

During the current lockdown in Paris, you can still obtain most things at the supermarket. Real, there’s much less of a selection as some products are more preferred than others; butter, certainly, is popular, therefore is flour. I constantly have an excellent supply of both on hand, lockdown or not, but I did forget to replenish my chocolate supply. Yet the pasta and also rice aisles have actually experienced one of the most harm, and also the selection of what’s readily available has been sporadic.

Given that I’m restricting my time going out, as well as food shopping, recently I went to the icy food store, Picard. Everybody in France enjoys Picard, although I’m typically happy to dice an onion and also don’t need to buy icy pre-diced onions, neither do I need to acquire ice lotion. (Theirs is rather excellent, yet I’ve typically obtained a number of sets of my very own in the freezer.) I was desire pizza and also they have a frozen one with arugula and also speck that’s pas mal, as they claim in French, which actually indicates “okay.” Nevertheless icy pizza seems to be as popular as rice and also pasta, so I needed to obtain another kind that wasn’t so fantastic (pas awful.) Yet I did grab a bag of those onions and also some ground beef due to the fact that I’ve also been food craving Pasta Bolognese, and they existed, and also so was I. So I caved.

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