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Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 Slow Cooker 461007 Review

A huge, flexible one-pot cooker that’s easy to make use of

What is the Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 Slow

Cooker 461007? The Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 is a slow cooker with an elegant layout and a big capability. Its 6.5 litres is enough for 8-10 people, best for large families and batch food preparation.

It’s a lot more pricey than most sluggish stoves, however uncommonly it has a sauté/ sear setting, a quick stew mode as well as three different slow stove settings. This makes it a flexible one-pot cooker.

Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 Slow Cooker 461007– Design as well as Features

The Morphy Richards has a sophisticated style, also when you’re not utilizing it. When not in usage, the bent pot is vast enough at the top that the base puts away inside it. This conserves room as well as looks far less unsightly than a lot of slow cookers. The base design also consists of an area to save the power cable neatly.

Due to the fact that it has a warm setup for searing meat or sautéing base components such as onions, garlic and also flavors, it’s also uncommon. You can make use of the sauté/ sear setting for 15 mins and it can be made use of two times in quick sequence, however not even more to prevent overheating. The pot is hob-safe, so you can heat up or reheat food on the hob in it too.

There’s no timer delay, yet there are a vast range of food preparation programmes. As well as sauté/ sear, there’s rapid stew (1:30 or 1:45 hrs) and also 3 slow cooking degrees (4-6 hrs, 6-8 hrs or 8-10 hours, with cooking times flexible by 30 min increments). These are regulated through two basic buttons as well as the staying food preparation time is revealed on a digital screen.

The array of programs is a blessing. If you’re intending to slow-cook dinner but don’t obtain around to beginning up until lunchtime, with many recipes you can rip off as well as choose a faster programmes. After cooking, it keeps your food warm for two hrs.

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Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 Slow Cooker 461007– What’s it like to use?

The design thrills out of the box. It resembles an opulent pan, not a sluggish stove. And also the controls, while simple, are great. You don’t need to consider the directions.

It features a booklet including 14 basic recipes for stews, soups and puddings. You would certainly be better off looking online where you’ll find millions of slow stove recipes to match all tastes.

We cooked a slow-cooked quinoa and also broccoli meal. The initial stage is sautéing onion as well as garlic– ideal for the Morphy Richards as, abnormally for a slow stove, it has a sauté setting.

The pot warmed up promptly and also the sauté setting did the task, although we assumed it was a little bit too hot thinking about the frying pan isn’t non-stick. Would it be a pain to clean up the brown spots off after that?

We after that included quinoa, veggies as well as supply as well as changed over to a 6-hour sluggish cook programme. And as instructed, we left it alone during (on long slow-moving stove programs it’s recommended not to meddle and also raise the cover, especially in the initial number of hrs, due to the fact that the recipe loses excessive heat because of this).

Six hours later we provided a meal that tasted great, however was overcooked at the base. The rest was most definitely moist sufficient, so it had not been an instance of the recipe being too dry.

The pot looked fantastic at the table (although it doesn’t keep heat like a hefty crock) as well as the rest of the recipe tasted great. Tidying up required an eco-friendly searching pad for the burnt-on little bits near the bottom, however this wasn’t as bad as anticipated.

Should I get the Morphy Richards Supreme Precision 3 in 1 Slow Cooker 461007?

Possibly. If you have a huge household and also require its big 6.5 litre capability then go on. It’s an impressive stove with a series of cooking programmes, yet towards the end of cooking cycles it’s worth mixing to stop overcooking.

If you do choose to acquire it, carefully check the size you’re buying first. Morphy Richards additionally uses a 4.5 litre version which, confusingly, seems to have the very same model number. This costs around ₤ 10 less.

If you don’t need 6.5 litres then consider getting the Sage Risotto Plus which has comparable features however also steams, cooks rice and also even makes a wonderful no-stir risotto.


This sluggish stove is expensive however it looks great as well as its 6.5 litre capacity is good for big families.

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