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Lotus Grill Review

This clever charcoal barbeque makes use of a battery-powered fan to control cooking times

Lotus Grill

What is the Lotus Grill? The Lotus Grill is a charcoal barbecue with a difference: it uses a battery-powered fan to accelerate cooking. What’s even more, the fan speed varies, so you can actually turn a handle to regulate the warmth degrees.

It was ready to utilize in only five minutes– and the results were very excellent. And also, it’s safe to utilize on a tabletop.

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Lotus Grill– Design and Features

This charcoal barbecue has an uncommon attribute similar to BioLite timber stoves: it’s fan-assisted. The colourful outer shell conceals four AA batteries that– on turning the knob at the front– power a fan at the centre of the grill.

Within the shell is a metal bowl for the hot littles the barbeque. Air is drawn in by the fan and up through the charcoal in the center.

The base remains cool, so the barbecue is risk-free to utilize on a lawn or a tabletop. Actually, the double-wall style means that even the coloured sides are great to the touch.

Lotus Grill– What’s it like to utilize?

The Lotus Grill was larger than we would certainly anticipated, yet it’s light and comes with a helpful lug bag.

We packed it with charcoal and also beneath the charcoal basket sprayed in some illumination gel. After lighting it we activated the follower … and afterwards stood in surprise as the charcoal burned so swiftly that the Lotus Grill prepared to utilize within 5 mins.

Initially we found that it was shedding also hot and also as well rapidly as we cooked, so we needed to maintain loading it with charcoal. Yet we quickly found that the handle on the front that manages the fan rate is successfully a temperature level control.

After that, whatever speed at which food was prepared, the Lotus Grill cooked it wonderfully. Whatever from veggie kebabs to marinaded hen was moist– possibly because of the speed– and had simply the correct amount of charring to deliver a barbecue flavour.

The grill is made to shield the coals from any kind of drips from food. A solid circle in the middle of the grill grid, over the charcoal basket, avoids it. This ensures that there aren’t any flare-ups when fat runs through the grill. The downside to this is that we located the grill grid a lot more hard to tidy– scourers usually obtained caught in the void where the grid meets the strong circle.

Should I get the Lotus Grill?

Yes– if you want a charcoal bbq that’s creative and fast, look no additionally. The integrated fan makes it fast to light and also simple to manage. The outcomes taste scrumptious– evenly cooked however with a great bbq flavour.

For the foodies around, the Cobb Premier is a cost effective option; or you could take into consideration the not-so-affordable Big Green Egg MiniMax.


This smart charcoal grill is super-quick to light, as well as with the assistance of its heat control supplies scrumptious results every time. Merely superb.

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