Monday , October 14th 2019
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Les baskets

Once upon a time, if you got here via a plane, or left your hotel room, wearing puffy white sneakers, you were instantly branded un américain, scorned for your style synthetic pas. So Americans (myself included) purposely put on normal footwear so as not to be fixed as, well – – Américains.

A few of us brave souls periodically exposed our American patrimoine (heritage), throwing style in favor of comfort. I sometimes wore sneakers, very carefully sidestepping those of the puffy variety, and also if anybody had a problem with it (or them), I didn’t see it. But I was in the minority in Paris as tennis shoes were vaguely interdit, and a lot of put on routine shoes around town. When I went back to the States for brows through, if I ran right into close friends, looking down at my feet, they believed I had gone back to participate in a funeral

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