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JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker Review

A large counter-top stove that guarantees a variety of functions

What is the JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker? The JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker is a huge counter-top cooker that assures a large range of functions. Whatever from steamed veg to deep-fried chips, from stew to roast potatoes.

However at the end of the day, it’s bit more than a heated saucepan. We’re not persuaded that you require this bulky stove unless you live in a bedsit without any kitchen.

JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker– Design as well as Features

The JML is big– it uses up a big (33x37cm) square of worktop space. As well as it’s bright red, so it’s not specifically refined.

It guarantees to prepare quite a lot anything and also whatever, with 8 different cooking modes: roast, bake, sauté, boil, fry, fondue, sluggish cook as well as steam. The truth is that it’s rather a simple home appliance.

It’s generally a huge metal frying pan with an electric component in the base, a cover ahead to maintain in the warmth, and simple controls that allow you set the temperature and cooking time. It’s essentially a pan with integrated heater.

To use the variety of food preparation modes then, it comes with two cake rack and also a fryer basket. If you want to cook jacket potatoes you put them on the low rack, put a little water in the base of the frying pan, transform the JML to 220 ° C and also placed the cover on, basically utilizing it like an oven.Related: Best

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If you intend to prepare scrambled eggs, you utilize it as you would certainly a saucepan, on the 160 ° C setup. If you wish to heavy steam fish or veg, placed them on the high shelf, put water in all-time low and also transform it on 140 ° C

. You can set the temperature level for anything from 80 to 240 ° C. The only other feature it uses that a pan on a hob doesn’t do simply as well is the countdown timer: you can pick the cooking time risk-free in the knowledge that it will certainly shut off automatically when it’s done. A much safer choice if you intend to pop out as well as leave the cooker operating.

It uses 1500W power, around half that of an electric oven. If you’re cooking, claim, a couple of coat potatoes it’s an extra energy effective option. But a microwave would certainly be extra reliable still.

JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker– What’s it like to utilize?

We looked with the JML’s pamphlet of 30 dishes and also determined to examine it by making triple-cooked chips as this utilizes the boil and also fry features.

You add water up to the fill line, put the cover on, transform it on to 220 ° C and wait … It took an unbelievable 11 mins to come to the boil.

After 5 mins simmering at 120 ° C you after that drain the chips, tidy the frying pan as well as loaded with virtually 3 litres of oil, after that transform the warm back on. The chips are fried at 140 ° C, cooled down in the refrigerator for half a hr, then fried at 180 ° C.

This was never mosting likely to be a quick dish. Triple-cooked chips are sluggish, as rapid food goes. We discovered it surprising exactly how long the JML took to heat up each time. And also the cooking times were slower than expected, with the final fry taking 19 minutes for gold chips.

What’s more, the thermostat appeared badly established up. The suggestion is that the eco-friendly light goes on when it’s warming up and shuts off when it’s up to temperature. With most home appliances, you ‘d expect this light to go on as well as off every pair of mins. The JML’s light went on as well as off every 15 seconds, leaving you feeling perplexed: was the pan approximately temperature level or not?

The clockwork timer, while convenient for longer cooking times, had not been much help for the chips. You can time as much as 120 minutes with it, yet anything less than 10 minutes is hard to judge accurately. It’s less complicated to use a separate cooking area timer.

When the ticking timer hits zero it makes a ‘‘ denting’ as well as the stove switches off. The JML can likewise be activated without making use of the timer– ideal for slow-cooked recipes such as drawn pork stomach as well as lamb shanks, both from the recipe book.

After preparing the appliance took a lengthy time to cool off and after that all the oil required decanting. Which indicates it’s not extremely useful for use as a deep-fat fryer and highlights among the item’s mistakes: it’s functional but you can just cook one recipe each time. Stew or rice, chicken or chips.

The non-stick frying pan was easy to clean, although the rubber seal around the glass lid came off too quickly. All the accessories fit inside the pan when not being used.

Should I buy the JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi Functional Cooker?

No. Undoubtedly it does far more than your ordinary slow cooker, however it’s bit greater than a warmed pan. We’re not convinced that you require this cumbersome cooker unless you live in a bedsit without kitchen area. It is functional … but so is a saucepan. It’s sluggish. And you can just cook one recipe at a time.

Consider the Tefal RK302E15 8 in 1 Multi Cooker or Sage Risotto Plus if you’re looking for a functional cooker. Or if cash’s no object and you do not have self-confidence as a chef after that take into consideration the costly but quick Tefal Cook4Me.


A huge multi cooker that is functional… … but it’s sluggish as well as is generally a pietistic pan.

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