Thursday , August 13th 2020
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Dirty Lemon

It’s been fairly a year for companies in Paris. From the gilets jaunes motion, to the longest transit strike in French background, then a pandemic, they’ve needed to difficult a whole lot of points out. Among the cannon fodders has actually been Dirty Lemon. After a major remodel of a space that previously held a LED-lit sushi restaurant, I had a night out with pals – – Jennifer, Jane, and also Forest – – at Dirty Lemon, tasting as well as testing several of the mixed drinks on their menu. And also even better, taking pleasure in the food of cheffe/owner Ruba Khoury.

Ruba’s objective was to produce a bar and also space that was for everyone, but particularly women-friendly, something she said was lacking in Paris. The name comes from a bad experience she had with a cool lemon she was offered, as well as consumed (with unfavorable outcomes), at a mixed drink bar in the Marais. Ruba recognizes her stuff. She functioned at such prestigious restaurants in Paris at Septime, Yam’Tcha, as well as Frenchie before producing the food selection at Ibrik, which I liked, that mirrored her Palestinean heritage as well as maturing in modern Dubai.

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