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Char-Broil Big Easy SRG Review

Smoke, grill and roast with this flexible gas barbeque

Char-Broil Big Easy SRG

What is the Char-Broil Big Easy SRG? This gas barbecue does greater than just bbq: the SRG means Smoker, Roaster and also Grill. You can include woodchips for a great smoky flavour as well as use a large drop-in basket as well as hooks to roast big items.

Food preparation results go over– from grilled burgers with to an entire baked poultry as well as outstanding coat potatos.

Char-Broil Big Easy SRG– Design and Features

This is greater than just a barbeque. It’s billed as the UK’s initial gas-fired, three-in-one smoker, roaster as well as grill. The big ability implies it’s a great deal like having an outdoor gas stove.

You can throw some woodchips into the pull-out cigarette smoker box to develop a rustic smoked fragrance that infuses right into foods.

As a roaster, its big, drop-in basket can prepare up to 11kg of chicken and veggies. Roast joints of meat in the basket inserts, or hang spare ribs on the provided stainless-steel hooks and roast up until they’re crisp as well as juicy.

Finally, the grill on top permits for cooking timeless bbq price such as steaks, bangers as well as hamburgers.

As a grill, the Char-Broil Big Easy uses infrared cooking. It has an one-of-a-kind, porcelain-coated cooking grille with a zig-zag cross-section that preserves as well as emits an also warmth over the whole grill surface area.

Fires never ever come into call with the food, however small holes in the grill enable smoke through for a traditional preference. There are no voids, so you can even cook smaller food, such as shrimps and also asparagus, without worry.

Food is supposed to prepare even more evenly because of this. Less hot air rushes upwards, so food retains dampness — securing in the natural juices of meat. You can prepare with precision. In enhancement, food fat won’t go down and also create flare-ups because it will not strike the coals.

There’s a solitary heat control that ranges from slow-roast temperature levels (100 ° C )throughout to searing warm (400 ° C). When the food has reached the excellent temperature level, the provided meat thermometer shows. You’ll need to stick it in the meat though; it isn’t placed on the within the bbq cover.

Char-Broil Big Easy SRG– What is it like to make use of?

Our Char-Broil got here set up, but there really did not appear to be way too much assembly involved.

It’s significant as well as dense, so it’s tough– yet feasible– for someone to move. It really feels solid.

Lights with the ignition didn’t work out yet the suit opening is easily obtainable and functioned very first time. The Big Easy SRG came up to temperature level within a pair of minutes. The absence of cover temperature level scale is a shame, though.

We started out with routine grilling on the infrared grill. Results were uniformly cooked as well as delicious. The outcomes corresponded, not matter where on the grille food items were prepared.

We placed pre-soaked hickory chips in the now-hot smoker box, which was simpler stated than done because it’s tough to pull out when it’s warm. The wet chips seared as they struck the metal and immediately emitted an exciting smell.

We roasted/smoked a whole chicken in the drop-in cable basket, as well as some jacket potatoes. We started on a high warm then turned it down to medium.

The outcomes were stunning, if much less smoky than anticipated. The poultry was perfectly crisp-skinned, succulent as well as moist within as well as definitely prepared to excellence. The jacket potatoes were fantastic, also– super-crisp skins and cosy insides.

While it is possible to grill at the exact same time as roasting, it was difficult to get rid of the hot grille safely to obtain to the roasting basket underneath.

Should I get the Char-Broil Big Easy SRG?

Yes, if you’re a food lover; not a fashionista. It isn’t the most beautiful barbeque on the block however its food preparation is supremely versatile. The capability to roast large products in addition to cooking makes up for its small grill capacity. Results are also and easy to manage. If you want to relocate beyond your typical barbecue, this Char-Broil takes it to the following level.


This flexible gas barbeque allows you smoke as well as roast food along with grill the typical barbecue fare.

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