Thursday , August 13th 2020
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Caffe Panna Ice Cream Shop

Someone from San Francisco informed me that currently, there were currently as well lots of gelato stores in the city. I didn’t assume that was feasible, yet I think points have altered considering that I moved away. (There are also some fantastic bakeshops there as well, which I don’t assume is anything to grouse about either.) Much like in San Francisco, not just has the baking scene in New York actually ramped up, however the ice lotion scene too, consisting of Caffè Panna, the most recent enhancement.

[KEEP IN MIND: Caffè Panna will certainly be making a special sundae of a taste mix that I inspired, with buckwheat ice lotion, buckwheat honey, dark delicious chocolate, and also French whisky. I’ll exist this Saturday, October 12, from 2pm to 3:30 pm. More details at the end of this message.]

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