Monday , October 14th 2019
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Buy a reliable microwave and cook the most amazing food for your guests

Microwaves can offer up to 100 pre-programmed menu items which will let you cook meals even without having to select the power level. Most microwaves offer quick defrost settings which take away the guesswork out of the picture while some of them have delay start-time options that keep food warm after it is cooked.

In case you are in the market and looking for a new microwave, you will probably discover that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. This can be quite confusing as you won’t know whether to buy a countertop or an over the range model? What are your power capacity needs and what is the best size? Here are some of the points you should look for in the ideal microwave. This will help answer most of your “what to look for in a microwave” doubts.

  • Turntable

It is critical that you have a turntable inside to ensure better cooking.

  • Interlocks

This feature guarantees that your microwave will not run if the door is open or ajar.

  • Variable power control

This feature will let you use your microwave at variable powers. You can defrost your food at 30% or simmer it at 50% power.

  • Child lockout

Using a keypad, you can child-proof the microwave doors so that the kids don’t get near it when the dishes are extra hot.

  • Automatic sensors

This technology tells if the food is sufficiently cooked or not. Even without setting a timer, the microwave will automatically shut down and it will guarantee that food isn’t undercooked or overcooked.

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