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Bella Housewares 6QT Pressure Cooker Review

A functional and big pressure cooker with slow-cook as well as steam features

Bella Houseware 6QT

What is the Bella Housewares 6QT? Pressure cookers are back in fashion, but Bella’s Housewares 6QT isn’t the standard unit you ‘d expect. Not only does it work as a steamer, making it handy for fish and veggies, it likewise functions as a slow-cooker for up to 12 hours. It can sauté or likewise brownish food normally prepared on the hob.

Various other presets consist of pressure-cooker programs for risotto, rice, soups as well as stews, in addition to chicken and also meat. A generous capability makes it appropriate for use when entertaining, with most suggested recipes catering for in between 4-6 people.

Bella Housewares 6QT– Design and Features

There’s a preference for feature over type below. It’s a practical design with a stainless-steel outside and also a huge, clear control board. 2 durable takes care of either side of the cooker make it simple to walk around the cooking area, while the huge lid locks right into area with a little spin.

On top of the lid sits a valve that can be positioned to prepare under pressure or without– when it’s utilized as a slow-cooker. A condensation collector can be located in the direction of the back of the system, so it won’t leave drips of water behind.

Inside, a non-stick dish shows cup markings along with fifths, collaborating with the direction handbook that has guidance on how several fifths of food you can cook.

The control board is a riot of switches. Helpfully, a lot of them double up on function, with one each for Sauté/ Browning, Pressure Cook/Slow Cook, Soup/Stew, Meat/Chicken as well as Rice/Risotto. Each has default cooking times that can be toggled with plus and also minus keys, plus there’s also a Warm/Cancel function as well as a delay timer.

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Bella Housewares 6QT– Performance

Helpfully, a quick-start overview and a few dishes obtain the beginner individual going. We began with a dish for Pot Roast Chicken. Establishing the stove to Browning, we included a whole chicken and scorched it on all sides. As the pot was fairly deep, it was unpleasant to turn an entire bird. We began by utilizing wood utensils to stop damages to the non-stick layer, however needed to consider metal tongs, which left a couple of scrapes on the base.

When browned, we eliminated the hen, added onions and also stock to the pot, after that replaced the chicken before safeguarding the lid as well as choosing the Chicken program. This prepared under pressure for 30 mins.

The screen indicated that pressure was developing as well as a little vapor was launched as it did. The timer began counting down once it had actually gotten to stress. As soon as the moment had elapsed, we transformed the dial to launch the stress. Inside, the hen was thoroughly prepared; the meat was juicy and also left from the bone conveniently.

Next off, we tried preparing lamb shanks, starting with the Browning feature to scorch the meat. Eliminating the shanks, we included vegetables as well as stock to the pot and chose the Sauté feature prior to replacing the lamb. Affixing the lid, we chose the Meat feature as well as prepared it under pressure for an hour.

When this had actually finished, we removed the meat as well as utilized the Sauté function to minimize the sauce. There was no guide to what temperature level we must be cooking at, although the sauce quickly got to a quick boil. It still required thickening following 10 minutes of food preparation. The lamb, nonetheless, was wonderfully tender and moist, yet could be eliminated from the bone in a solitary piece.

We positioned a fifth of water into the dish, adhered to by the steaming rack. Adding asparagus to the shelf, we established the device to Steam for two minutes. While it took a couple of mins for pressure to develop, which extended the cooking time, 2 mins of steaming was sufficient. In fact, great results might have been achieved in much less time.

Lastly, we cooked a beef shin ragu. We utilized the Browning feature to sear the meat prior to eliminating it and making use of Sauté to prepare veggies. They softened in 10 mins. Including liquid to the pot and replacing the meat, we placed the lid on and also picked Slow Cook– a programme that really did not use stress. Considering that the cooking time was available in just 30-minute increments, the coating time was less accurate.

We cooked the ragu for 6 hrs, a procedure that minimized the meat to a meltingly tender consistency that was easily shredded.

Cleaning up the stove by hand was a bit of a duty. While the dish was straightforward to clean, the lid needed to be dismantled for a comprehensive tidy.

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Should I acquire the Bella Housewares 6QT Pressure Cooker?

Perfect for hectic households and huge households alike, Bella’s Pressure Cooker makes catering en masse simple, both beforehand as well as for hearty dishes.

A dish with statistics dimensions would certainly have rated, as would certainly dishwasher-safe parts. That apart, the 6QT supplies good value.

Nevertheless, while its accessories can be stored inside and also the power cable separates, it’s still a huge thing to store, so make sure the capacity suits your needs prior to you acquire.


Integrating vapor, sluggish- and fast-cooking in one device, the 6QT Pressure Cooker is a mid-week meal marvel.

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